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A Journey with BAPL

Helping organisations to be successful with technology


Since 2004 we have provided world-leading expertise in business analysis to help organisations achieve speed to market and optimise their performance by enabling software initiatives, products, and projects to be delivered effectively.
The video below is from Matt Keays – CIO at Michael Hill Jewellers, a BAPL Partner.

The BAPL Value

BAPL focuses on partner outcomes. We work to understand your needs first, then define a tailored approach to reach your desired outcomes and make your organisation successful.

The BAPL Influence

BAPL can draw down from 20 years of experience in Business Analysis to help you arrive at your outcomes faster and with more accuracy. This saves you time and saves a considerable amount in reduced speed to market, a reduction in unnecessary solution functionality and, and minimised business change.

The BAPL Culture

BAPL has a strong focus on professional culture, focusing our efforts to make you successful. Our consultants are professionally trained, and supported by the BAPL team. We build strong relationships, quickly, enabling us to work with your team to elicit all that is needed to achieve your outcomes.

The BAPL Delivery

BAPL works with your business drawing from our IP built over 20 years of experience to get to the right outcomes faster. We look at your organisation right across your product and service value streams to ensure nothing is missed.

The BAPL Partnership

BAPL works with you to make you successful. Our focus is not on just doing one thing right, but building trusted relationships based on the continued successful delivery of our Business Analysis services.

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