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Why use a Business Analysis Centre of Excellence BACoE?

No individual is an expert in all areas of business analysis. For businesses to consistently reap the benefits of exceptional business analysis, they must gain access to business analysis as a practice. A Business Analysis Centre of Excellence (BACoE) promotes better outcomes by focusing resources and capability to develop and maintain leading edge practices to deliver better business performance. However, many businesses struggle with the development and maintenance of a centre of excellence due to competing priorities, transient staff, or limited budget, often investing many tens of thousands of dollars, with little to show for it. 

Exceptional business analysis is imperative for business success in the digital age. If they are to address changing strategies, competition in the market place, omni-channel product and service delivery for various customer personas, and a multitude of solution options, having an exceptional business analysis underpinning will provide a far better chance of success. 

Business Analysis (BAPL) have been delivering business analysis for over 15 years and, during that time, have an in-depth Centre of Excellence to help our consultants excel where many others do not. Accessing this will enable your Business Analysts to deliver better quality business analysis sooner, which will in-turn provide better project and business outcomes for you and your customers.

What's in the BACoE?


 Delivery Frameworks, Templates, and Tools  – The ability to adapt to different delivery frameworks – customised methods depending on the selected approach, a wide range of techniques to suit a variety of stakeholders and situations, and customisable templates and tools to support the analysis and estimation. 


 Service and Quality – Services are defined, delivery is planned, progress is reported on and a quality assurance process is managed ensuring the quality of business analysis is validated and verified.  


 Career Development – There is a career pathway for the business analyst role within the organisation, if performed internally. The CoE provides access to BAPL’s competency models.



 Education and Development – Business analysts should be continually developing so they can achieve excellence in business analysis. Assess a growing number of recorded sessions focusing on techniques and business analyst concepts.



Organisation – Across the organisation business analysis maturity is developed and any external business analyst sourcing strategy supports this, so there is growth in business outcomes. BAPL’s consulting services can assist you in your peak periods whilst uplifting the capability in business analysis across the organisation through the CoE.

Subscription to the CoEaaS will enable you to gain access to:

•   Organisation subscription based CoE as a Service
•   All of the organisation’s business analysts once registered have access
•   A suite of delivery frameworks for Waterfall, Agile, and Hybrid (with more in development)
•   A catalogue of industry aligned templates and standards
•   Our continuous improvement framework (for the above)
•   Metrics and KPIs for managing business analysis performance
•   Standardisation frameworks and tools
•   Business analysts service catalogue
•   Access to the business analyst subscribers forum – Q & A for a truly supportive community of practice
•   Service delivery management frameworks
•   Service & quality assurance management principles
•   Performance management frameworks
•   Career progression, career planning and competency assessment frameworks (7 levels)
•   CBAP Certification guidance
•   Education via pre-recorded professional development sessions and courses
•   Demand management
•   25% discount off all BAPL public training courses!!!

Business Analysis Practice Complete Diagram with Methods, Metrics and tools; service and quality; career development; training and development; and organisation segments joined together by improve business performance in centre on transparent background
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