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Business Analysis Consulting Practices

Our vision is to be globally recognised as the leader of innovation, thought leadership and outcomes in business analysis.

Operating as a consulting practice, our business model is based on a “three pillars” approach using the principles of Engagement, Service Delivery and Practice Management.  These principles are the foundations of how we support our customers and our staff.

  • Engagement: to establish a mutually agreeable business and commercial relationship
  • Service Delivery: to agree scope, plan, mentor, advise and report on each engagement
  • Practice: to mentor, coach and up skill our consultant’s professional development

Business analysis consultancy services include:

From project execution through to strategic management consulting, our services deliver value for money outcomes.  Our experienced consultants have an enviable track record in improving client business analysis capability through organisational development, whilst also providing high quality project deliverables.

Through scoping, defining and agreeing the desired outcomes documented in our Service Delivery Specification (SDS), BAPL will commit to a fixed timeframe and fixed budget to manage the entire project. We will appoint a Lead BA and scale up and scale down additional other BA resources as and when are required. Constantly reporting back to the Project Manager on agreed cycles, updates are given to ensure that deadlines, milestones and deliverables are met.

  • Agile Business Analysis – Using Agile techniques to improve business solutions
  • Digital Business Analysis – Designing innovative technology solutions so businesses have a competitive edge in the digital age
  • Data Analysis – Using data to drive improved business decisions
  • Agile Coaching – Improving cross functional teams performance and delivery through value driven agility
  • Cyber Security Analysis – Helping clients deal with the ever-evolving threat and sophistication of cyber attacks.
  • Virtual Business Analysis  A remote team of highly skilled and capable Business Analysts who can assist you with your project, scheduled from anywhere in Australia or globally
  • Product Owner  Managing products through iterative software development
  • Process Analysis  Improving the end to end customer experience

BAPL and your technology investment

Organisations lose millions of dollars every year in technology investments that don’t deliver the desired business outcomes. Too often, technology solutions are misaligned with the actual requirements needed.

BAPL assists clients to first understand the business process changes required and then ensures any new technology integrates seamlessly into it.

We have expertise in all phases of the software development life cycle (SDLC). And we have developed a Business Analysis Centre of Excellence as a Service (BACoE).

Unlike other firms, BAPL has no ties to any technology vendors or software platforms and provides impartial expertise to all technology change management projects.

BA Practice Support

BAPL has extensive experience designing, creating and delivering education services based on the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK®). We have established a Business Analysis Centre of Excellence BACoE, developed a Business Analyst Competency Program including the competency assessment, individual training/development plans, and mentoring modules.

Whenever needed BAPL offer tailor-made education programs for clients’ personnel to support the skills transfer needed to ensure clients maximise the value of BAPL projects.

Additional business analysis capability services include:

  • Business Analysis Centre of Excellence as a Service (BACoE)
  • Organisational Business Analysis Maturity Assessment
  • Assessment of Business Analyst’s Knowledge, Skills, And Experience
  • Establishing processes to support your business analysts to gain Industry Certification

Some of our sector experience


What Our Clients Have to Say

"I just wanted to say we have really appreciated having you involved.  Your style, knowledge and professionalism has been greatly appreciated."
Erin Smith
"If I could give him 100 out of 100, I would give him more."

Andrea Cameron
"I’m able to explain what I’m thinking and they are able to either challenge me on it or work through it and provide tools/ways to get to where we need to get to."

Geoff Thompson
"She has done a fantastic job, and has become a trusted friend for us moving forward. Thank you for your support, and I certainly hope we are fortunate enough to work with BAPL again."
Rahul Kumar

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