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How we partner with you to deliver exceptional business analysis outcomes

We listen to your challenges, help you define what business analysis is required to achieve software initiative success, and then tailor a service that guarantees those business analysis outcomes are achieved.

We manage a suite of service delivery processes that ensure every piece of work is scoped, planned, monitored, reviewed, and reported in a way that aligns to guaranteed outcomes.  We assemble the correct mix of capabilities from within our Practice to deliver your outcomes.

We collaborate with you on a continuous basis throughout the engagement to ensure joint ownership of the delivery of your outcomes through:

Engagement: Our Account Managers partner with you to help you achieve greater success in your software initiatives, products, and projects.  We take accountability for the overall success of our partnership.

Service Delivery: Our Service Delivery Team takes accountability for the quality of each service we deliver. We mentor and support our consultants throughout each engagement to ensure you receive the highest quality service.

Practice: As a Practice-led consultancy we assess, coach, and upskill our consultants through continuous professional development, leveraging our proven intellectual property, to ensure our consultants maintain peak industry skills to be capable of delivering the guaranteed outcomes.   

Our methods are aligned to leading industry bodies and practices (IIBA, PMI, SFIA, Agile Ways of Working) for ease of integration with your own methods.

Business analysis consultancy services include:

In our Business Analysis as a Service model, we work closely with you to plan and resource your business analysis needs. We provide high quality consultants, supported by the BAPL practice and overseen by a Lead Consultant. Our Lead works with your nominated staff to jointly plan and help manage the peaks and troughs of business analysis needs through the life of projects.

We use our proven IP to establish the outcomes of each need, define the approach and timelines, and support this with our frameworks, templates, and tools to deliver to an exceptional level, every time.

Lead Business Analysis Consulting

The Lead business analysis consulting service helps you identify and address areas of improvement in your requirements management maturity whilst simultaneously leading the delivery of product and project outcomes.

We work with you on your software initiative needs, and once understood, identify strategies to improve initiative outcomes. These can include:

    • Business Analysis Practice Maturity Assessments
    • Improving software initiatives (from concept to solution implementation, product development and defect management of requirements)
    • Facilitating the design and embedment of effective software development methods, including the latest Agile methods and new ways of working NWOW
    • Goal setting in alignment with BAPL’s Business Analysis Practice Maturity Model
    • Service and Quality Management
    • Career Pathways, Capability Development and Education and Mentoring
    • Demand and Capacity Management.

Business Analysis Consulting

Outcome focused business analysis services aligned to deliver required business outcomes across all industry sectors.

  • Agile Business Analysis – Using Agile techniques to deliver value to your customers faster
  • Requirements management – An exceptional requirements management process is the backbone for achieving business agility and software success within your organisation
  • Product Ownership  Enabling you to develop market-leading products through iterative software development
  • Digital Business Analysis – Supporting the design of innovative technology solutions to give you a competitive edge in the digital age
  • Value Streams and Customer Journeys – Driving better business agility to improve your products and services.
  • Process improvement – Improving the end-to-end experience for your customers
  • Business Data Analytics – Using data to drive improved decision-making within your business
  • Strategy Analysis – Ensuring your business maximises the value of your investments, aligned with strategy, at the right time
  • Cyber Security Analysis – Helping you deal with the ever-evolving threat and sophistication of cyber-attacks.

Product Owner Consulting

Our Product Owner Consulting service provides team leadership, guiding the team to maximum velocity and educating and driving embedment of Agile practices and Lean product development.

  • Agile methods and new ways of working NWOW
  • Translating product strategies and vision into product delivery:
    • Developing scope including MVP and defining backlog items (epics/features/user stories) that guide the Agile software development teams
    • Managing and prioritising product backlogs
    • Assessing value, developing investment cases, and prioritising stories, epics and themes to ensure development focuses on items with a maximum value that are aligned with the product strategy
    • Solving product-related problems, making decisions, completing trade-off analysis to stay on track towards business deliverable commitments.
  • Product evaluation and validation.

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