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CBAP certified business analysis practitioner IIBA certification

by Business Analysis (BAPL)

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My Certification journey began early 2013. So, for me this has nearly been a 10 year process. Eager to work towards certification upon joining BAPL, I told my grandma that this is something I was going to do. Being the supportive person she (now was), she paid for my application fee. I submitted my application to the IIBA for the non-refundable $125 USD. After some time, I was notified my application had been rejected. I quickly took this up with the IIBA as I was confused (and a little annoyed). I had by then been a BA for over 5 years, worked on numerous initiatives at various stages. For me I met the brief, but the application process at that time was much more complicated than it is now. And I hadn’t utilized my support network within BAPL prior to starting this process. So, a little disgruntled, I put it off.


The next shift towards certification came as BABOK v3 was being released. I began studying eagerly preparing myself to complete the certification under the existing V2 content. However, as my first son was due to be born, and my wife and I were in the process of finding a home, this certification priority shifted lower.

BAPLs CEO Tim Coventry was only too supportive. He understood the value of certification, but also the pressures of life (both working and family). Without the right balance, neither would be done well. BAPL provides IIBA Membership, financial support for our consultants to achieve certification, access to study support and practice exams, and now a complete course covering the process and content required to be successful with CCBA/CBAP. But if the individual can’t or won’t apply themselves, a successful result will never be achieved.

My other barrier was access to a testing site. At the time the exams were only held in Sydney and Melbourne. Being Brisbane based this presented a challenge. This was also one of the key conversations I had with then IIBA CEO Ken Fulmer at the Brisbane IIBA Professional Day in 2019, who, with the assistance of the IIBA provided the online proctored exam access we have available now.

So, my son (and second son) had grown a little older. We had settled in our home. Access to the exams had improved. There were no barriers (or excuses) for me now. It was time to set a date and move forward. We have a study guide as part of our CBAP course, where you can set a start date and it breaks the approach down for you and identifies a suitable day by which you should the ready for the exam. I entered the date, and the pathway was clear. We typically say give yourself at least 6 months for this process. Some days you will focus more, other days, other things happen. But stick close to the study guide (your Certification Plan) and this will put you in the best position for success. For me, it was a February 2021 exam date.






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