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Super Powers for your PMO

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Often I hear Portfolio, Program, Project Managers and Business Sponsors asking how can projects be delivered faster.

The answer is simple! But requires planning, thought, hard work and good business analysis.

Organisations exist to provide products and/or services, which are delivered to customers through business processes, that are decomposed into requirements. By using a Business Capability Framework fuelled by a value chain & business process groups, a PMO can easily scope and prioritise projects.

But that will take forever!

If you let analysis paralysis take over, it will “take forever” and people will loose interest quickly. Using agile techniques allows you to cover breadth not depth initially and the detail can be incrementally built delivery of a program.

We have developed these frameworks quickly and iteratively so it looks like project scoping is running faster than a speeding locomotive.

If you see a project spinning it’s wheels it most likely due to poor business analysis with scope and the answer is simple, use expert business analysis.

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