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I have just seen a software package that will solve all our problems

A desktop monitor in a darkened room that says do what is great.

Any darn fool can make something complex; it takes a genius to make something simple.

Pete Seeger sums up the problem with organisations buying software without proper analysis as business process become complex rather than efficient, effective, rewarding & repeatable.

We have seen several organisations buy software without analysis and then spend thousands, sometimes millions of dollars on customisations.

The true art of utilising technology within any organisation is to understand the business processes that provide value to customers.

Once you understand the business processes in scope you can improve speed, agility and cost;

  • Design the software to deliver customer value faster
  • Offer more variety simply to attract more customers
  • Buy cost effective software & tailor your processes, if it make sense

There is a silver bullet for those who don’t want to follow the project disaster path and it involves 3 tried and tested steps

  1. Start with products and services
  2. Benchmark the value
  3. Perform business process modelling

Good analysis is critical. Quality analysis is cheaper, quicker and less risky!

Management must take control of their process environment. If you don’t have the skills, bring in Business Analyst BA to improve your maturity.

Have you ever seen an organisation buy software and then try to make it fit without good analysis?

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