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Why Business Analysis as a Service is a CIO’s Best Friend

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A CIO needs a trusted partner to facilitate joint ownership between business and IT to deliver business value, reduce risk, and remove project blockages, and to deliver on the organisations strategy.

Business analysis is about improving business performance. It is the foundation for innovation, business agility, cost reduction, cyber security, and risk control. Exceptional business analysis allows you to deliver better initiatives, projects, and ultimately products and/or services to your customers, often through leveraging digital technology.

To deliver a successful strategy using technology, exceptional business analysis is a must. By establishing Business Analysis as a Service (BAaaS) within your organisation, your projects or initiatives will be created for you to the highest of standards, and you’ll also have a far lower risk of failure, over spend, or unsatisfactory products or services.

You’ll achieve peace of mind knowing your business will have:

  • greater engagement with IT
  • excellent results in alignment with your IT strategy
  • a better chance of making new changes stick
  • decisive project decision making at a portfolio level
  • improvement of projects or initiatives and lower chance of failure
  • effective change in support of improved technology
  • improved results
  • and a significantly higher return on investment.

Exceptional business analysis engages and empowers stakeholders, allowing them to find better ways to deliver value to customers.

BAaaS often costs the same as interacting with disparate individual BAs. But the return on investment both for your initiatives, as well as the ability to leverage this to drive more capability in business analysis within your organisation, is where the value lies. So why would you settle for less?

Here’s the thing about Business Analysis as a Service

BAaaS is all about helping your company to think about the “why” before going ahead with a strategy, which will prevent technology initiatives from providing little or no value to your organisation.

Here’s an example of BAaaS at work. A client sought a solution to manage their approval process and documents. These were associated with their major energy capital projects, having a value of up to $100 million.

Within our BA Practice, we analysed the business process automation, mapped the future state processes, and explored the business and functional requirements through a series of stakeholder workshops using aspects of our method and Business Analysis Centre of Excellence IP (Frameworks, templates, techniques etc).

Based on these documented processes and requirements, we developed an automated workflow solution.

The outcomes of the process automation solution were:

  • increased consistency of the approval process
  • an automated audit trail for the approvals
  • an increase in document tracking, resulting in a greater efficiency with approvals
  • a reliable mechanism for staff to determine the status of payment requests and payments
  • reduced time spent on approvals by eliminating manual approvals
  • reduced resource wastage on printing
  • reduced physical file storage.

In the final analysis, we found that minimised delays for approvals reduced the external contract resources required for approval processes. Within six months, the cost of developing the solution was paid for by the benefits of the automated workflow.

An expert business analysis requires a unique skillset that many senior executives have never experienced. However, you need to engage in Business Analysis as a Service to provide a greater chance of project success, across your entire portfolio.

To be successful with technology, businesses must have exceptional business analysis and you achieve this consistently, through business analysis as a service.

We can help your business to stand out from the crowdWe provide expertise and world-leading business analysis, through our Business Analysis as a Service. Take your business to a new level.

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