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Business Process Driven Requirements

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I use to be a swim coach so often I would tell my squad “no use being the fastest ocean swimmer if you don’t look up to see where you are heading”.

In your organisation are there systems purchased because someone liked the glossy brochure or the vendor said the software was good? Duplicate data, re-entered information into several software systems? Customers frustrated because nobody can give them update information on their order? These are symptoms of business processes and software systems failing to execute successfully.

Organisations exist to provide products or services, which are delivered to customers through business processes, that are decomposed into requirements. Software systems should be built using business requirements, however often software is not and heads in the wrong direction, businesses struggle with systems that are more hindrance than help. Business Analysis (BAPL) has developed a technique called “business process driven requirements” to vastly improve the software lifecycle, both traditional and agile.

Using “business process driven requirements” we have successfully delivered software systems that are align to the organisation’s needs to deliver products or services to customers.

Recently BAPL used this technique for a customer that had several staff members unexpectedly leave the organisation, who used a core database. Nobody left in the organisation knew exactly how the software worked, no processes were documented and the system was end of life & needed to be replaced. We modelled the business processes, improved the efficiency of the business processes, used “business process driven requirements” so the new software database could be aligned to what the staff would do on a daily basis.

So if you want your software systems to work, you need to look where you are heading and use “business process driven requirements”. Otherwise you could be spending lots of money on wasted software. It is time to talk to us at BAPL.

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