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Business Analysis as a Service really works!

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The catchphrase “As a Service” has long been employed by IT suppliers and senior executive. It is a phrase that promises improved agility, reduced cost, and overall better outcomes. However, those in the trenches suspect that existing providers rebrand their contracts as ‘services’ without any real change. For executives, the optimistic scenarios of improved IT performance seem as far away as ever.

Here at Business Analysis (BAPL), we introduced Business Analysis as a Service (BAaaS)  from our inception over 18 years ago. We made a series of commitments that have helped us to create a different kind of service model from the traditional resource supply models. And we have pushed through the painful internal challenges that come with a genuinely different ethos.

The good news is that we receive constant evidence that our BAaaS approach really do what it says on the box.

BAaaS is an approach to engage a partner where the partner commits to a level of performance as opposed to a level of resourcing. In the business analysis space, we commit to a level of quality and breadth. We are able to define what good business analysis is and deliver it over the range of analysis needs in any organisation.

We ask our clients that they consider us their partners and focus on outcomes as opposed to inputs. The service model is advantageous to both the customer and supplier if the correct relationship is established.

Previously, we were in discussions with a client about extending our partnership arrangement that we had in place. They had to go through a rigorous in-house justification to sign the contract. To that effect, they studied the performance of the partnership and compared it with the equivalent previous period, when they were not using our service model.

This is what they found when using our services:

  • a cost saving of 29% on direct business analysis costs (a 2.5% reduction of total program budget)
  • an annual cost saving of $100k on onboarding and inducting BA contract staff
  • a measurable reduction in administrative overhead
  • a significant reduction of risk associated with contractors leaving the organisation
  • improved client satisfaction from departments engaged in technology projects
  • much-improved information for decision making, based on robust and unconflicted analysis

These outstanding results have come from a fantastic commitment from staff on both sides to make this partnership work. Our common goal has been to provide quality analysis to the business through the initiatives and programs we deliver.

Is it time you thought about a Business Analysis as a Service for your business? Want to know more about using BAaaS? Contact us: info@business-analysis.com.au

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