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5000 Miles Dream

A commercial aeroplane's wing with the sun shining above white clouds

by, Business Analysis (BAPL).


To be precise, 5,424 miles is the distance from Colombo, Sri Lanka (where I used to live) to Brisbane, Australia (my new home). As everyone knows, moving to a completely different country is a BIG move in anyone’s life.

At 12:00a.m 1st January 2019, I made my first new year wish “To get a job in a well-reputed company which will help me to pursue my career in the Business Analysis domain”. From the next day onwards, I started my job hunting. Initially, my routine was to sit in front of my laptop from 10:00a.m. and apply for jobs till 5:00p.m. I have a passion towards Business Analysis and technology therefore, I didn’t want to give up on my dream.

On the 14th January 2019, I got an email from BAPL requesting to have an interview with me. I was excited, hopeful and also nervous. Coincidently, I’d started following Business Analysis (BAPL) on LinkedIn when I was back in Sri Lanka; therefore, I knew a lot about who they are and what they do.

Business Analysis (BAPL) is a Consulting Firm who demonstrates their expertise in Business Analysis with diverse clients across a multitude of domains. Following my successful Skype interview, I completed a Case Study to provide greater insights into my capabilities and was further interviewed by the Service Delivery and Engagement Managers.

On the 21st January 2019, I received a call from the BAPL Service Delivery Manager saying I got selected for the job offer. Even though I started to literally jump up and down, I was speechless. Now the moment of truth “Do you say yes to this offer?”, Of course, it’s a “Yes”, who wouldn’t?

I was eagerly waiting to start my first day at the office on the 22nd January 2019. I came into the office early and, with all my strength, tried to open the office door but it was very difficult to open. Later I realised I should use the access card to open the door before 8.30 a.m. I remembered the famous quote “Difficult situations often lead to beautiful destinations”, therefore I knew in a couple of minutes I’m going to start an exciting career progression with BAPL.


Everyone at the office, starting from administration to the discipline managers, are very friendly and welcomed me with open arms. It’s been exactly 110 days since I started my new journey with BAPL and here are 3 main unique working cultures I really admire about the company:

1. Supportive management

The four leadership roles in BAPL are the CEO, Service Delivery Manager, Practice Manager and Engagement Manager. They each have a vast knowledge of or experience in the Business Analysis Domain. Each of them are friendly but what makes them unique is they always think from the employee’s perspective. Starting from conducting inductions to advising on how to deal with different stakeholders. They are cultivating and improving my Business Analysis skills and capabilities daily. They are mainly focusing on getting me the right exposure with the right client engagement. They actively support each consultant to produce the expected deliverables and monitor them continuously to ensure the consultant is motivated and satisfied. Now I know I’m in safe hands where I can learn from them and contribute to the company in return.

2. Experts around me

As I mentioned before, BAPL consists of amazing consultants, who consult across different domains, provide a wealth of expertise and experience. Sometimes, I feel like I’m carrying an encyclopedia. You have a question, you get the answer in a couple of minutes! Isn’t it amazing? I consider BAPL to be a community of people with the same interest, who are willing to share and learn together. BAPL also conducts business development sessions and training programs to help consultants. Also, as a BAPL Consultant we get annual IIBA membership and all the industrial connections.

3. Diverse domains to explore

For over a decade, BAPL has built a strong relationship with diverse organisations starting from government bodies to corporates to not-for-profit organizations. With a good reputation in the market along with the expert team, BAPL has worked with many top organisations in Australia. Therefore, it’s really a chance for each consultant to strike gold. I get to work with the experts as well as work across various domains. I am currently on engagement with one of Australia’s leading Superannuation firms, with amazing people around me, and supporting me.


I’m not only lucky enough to obtain my dream role in a couple of weeks after arriving in Brisbane; but also to get an opportunity to work with the industry specialists who are supportive, friendly and well, experts. I’ve just begun my journey with BAPL but I’m looking forward to working with this amazing team. I arrived in Brisbane with the dream and now experiencing my dream come true.

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