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Business Analysis as A Service


by Business Analysis,

One billion dollars wasted, 100 million over budget, a 40-million-dollar initiative costing $250 million dollars! Recent announcements in the press regarding significant initiatives, projects & product overspend and minimal value, are testament to this. Successful initiatives are key to organisational success, and an effective requirements process is the key to successful initiatives. This is costing organisations millions of dollars in wasted expenditure, and many more millions in lost opportunity. If your Customer Journeys, Epics & User Stories are not correct and aligned, then your initiative is certain to fail.

A service is a means of delivering value to customers, by facilitating the outcomes customers need. Effective services start with the understanding of that need, and work towards providing the best possible outcome(s) within the customer environment. Business Analysis is a service like all others and considering it as such is important for that services success.

However, business analysis is a broad service offering that can cover anything to do with innovation, people, process, and technology. In addition, the customers of Business Analysis also vary including Product Managers & Owners, Developers, Testers, Solution Architects, all the way through to CIOs, CEO, and Company Directors.

What is Business Analysis as a Service?

Why not have your business analysis serviced like you do your car?