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Register a Dog


In the council described in the attached business process, the Customer Service Manager (CSM) is under pressure to improve turnaround times on processing dog registration forms. She has evidence that there has been a 20% increase in the receipt of registration forms year on year, however the team’s headcount has recently been reduced in an attempt to control costs.

The CSM wishes to appraise, design, build, and implement an online dog registration form which integrates with the PRD, enabling customers to complete and submit their dog registration requests online, validating the information they enter to ensure it complies with the PRD’s data requirements. The proposed solution will also allow customers to pay their registration fees by credit card via an online payment gateway. Being a government entity, it is essential that any payment solution is PCI compliant.

It has been calculated that this initiative could reduce call volumes to the contact centre by 10%, enabling more person-hours to be applied to processing dog registrations that continue to be submitted manually. There is also some concern that the uptake of an online payment portal may be low, as the constituents are largely seniors who generally do not like to use their credit cards online.

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