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Agile is not about Sprints and Retrospectives. Agile is a mindset, and a change in mindset from the traditional ways of managing delivery and working in the business environment. In here you will find a growing number of sessions focusing on building this mindset and how organisations are embracing this ‘new’ way of working.    

Agile Introduction (30:31) - Take a look at what is Agile, and the simple values and 12 principles of the agile manifesto.

Agile Part 2 (27:59) - Delve deeper into SCRUM and why this is such a widely adopted Agile approach.

Agile Part 3 (26:37) - Delve deeper into DSDM a much more rigorous approach to Agile.

Agile Part 4 (14:43) - A look into good and bad practices when writing user stories for requirements.

SCRUM (17:24) - A dive into SCRUM and the ceremonies and activities that are contained within it.

New Ways of Working (19:26) - Take a look at the new ways of working businesses are exploring to drive collaboration and build better products and services.

Requirements for Apps (27:36) - In a world where there is an app for everything, take a look at the techniques and outputs for deriving requirements for app based solutions.

Working with UIUX Teams (28:29) - BAs work with a large number of stakeholders. Find out the needs and working arrangements with UI and UX.

From the Agile Extension

Introduction to the Agile Mindset (18:28) - Agile starts with a mind-set. Take a look into what it means to think agile, before diving in to doing agile.

The Strategy Horizon (14:30) - The Strategy Horizon focuses on informing decisions regarding the organization's business goals.

The Initiative Horizon (25:30) - The Initiative Horizon focuses on informing decisions regarding solution options, features, priorities, and lifespan.

The Delivery Horizon (16:06) - The Delivery Horizon focuses on informing decisions regarding the delivery of the solution.

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