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Business Analysis Soft Skills

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Soft skills underpin all that we do as Business Analysts. Here you will find a selection of topics to assist in the variety of situations we find ourselves in.

The Gentle Art of Facilitation (20:27) - Facilitation is made easier through effective preparation, find out some of the key aspects to preparing for all facilitation types.

Body Language - The Non-Functional Requirements of Presenting (23:31) - A look at the body language ques needed to present confidence and support facilitation and elicitation.

Leadership and Influencing (19:14) - BAs are trusted partners that can apply various techniques to influence exceptional outcomes for their clients.

Negotiation and Conflict Resolution (23:03) - Negotiation and Conflict Resolution are key underlying competencies that need to be applied to enable our stakeholders to reach consensus. Find out some techniques that can be applied to aid in this.

Consultative Business Analysis (17:13) - An overview of what being a business analyst in a consulting environment is about.

Area of Control (4:18) - A focus on the area of control and area of influence for business analysts to control stress and focus their activities.

Mental Preparation for Interviews (16:20) - Interview can be tough. Find out how to prepare yourself mentally for these sessions.

Professional Ethics (23:06) - A good work ethic is foundational for exceptional business analysis. Explore the necessities of working in this consulting role.

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